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All There

by All There

soundscape exclusive
Prologue 02:31
Melt 06:30
[Jon] I open my eyes, It’s about 9 am, I try to call you again, you don’t pick up. [Emily] I sigh, because I wouldn’t know what to say, but I know you feel bad anyway; guess that makes two of us. [chorus] and i feel like things aren’t the same as they used to be and i feel like it’s a struggle every time you try to talk to me and i don’t want the plans we made to go to waste i just wish the bond we had hadn’t become displaced [Jon] I make plans with my friends to get you outside of my head but you don’t seem to want to leave. [Emily] I think about the times that we had, the good and the bad, and if they still mean anything to me. [chorus] (I just wish the bond we had hadn’t become displaced) [Jon] You’re missing [Emily] and we’re drifting [Jon] i want you home [Emily] i want to be gone [Jon] all of this has become a chore [Emily] you always just leave me wanting more [both] i’m not sure if we can make this work [Jon] where do we go from here? [Emily] could we really last through the years? [Jon] do you still care anymore? [Emily] why can't things be like before? [Jon] you’re never there for me [Emily] i don't know if this was this meant to be [both] i feel like in not too long we’re both gonna go berserk [Jon] what happened? [Emily] where did we go wrong? [Jon] what happened? [Emily] where did we go wrong? [both] what happened to us?
[Jon] You've changed and I guess that's to be expected but that doesn't make it easier to acclimate. I'm not sure if I'm what you want anymore and I guess if not that's alright. It's alright. [Emily] You've changed but you don't hear me complaining. In fact, I don't think you hear me say anything at all. For some time I thought that this was never going to work. I'm afraid I might have been right. Was I right? You've changed.
Old Home 03:32
[Jon] I think it's time for you to realize you need to let go Cause I don't think that there's a place for me inside your old home and I don't plan on doing things the way you planned them for me and I don't know if i'll go on and on and on with you [Emily] I think it's time for you to know that I've already moved on Cause I don't think you realize lately everything's been wrong and now I'm sure that I don't want to deal with this any more and now I know I won't go on and on and on with you [Jon] and now I know I won't go on and on with you [Emily] and now I know that this means the end of me and you [both] I dreaded the day that this would finally come true but now I don't mind sleeping alone as long as it's in my own home.
→ Limits 02:43
Flourish 03:20
It’s been a while since I’ve been outside... forgot how nice the breeze feels on my skin. I unlock the car door, get inside, try to remember what I did Try to get you to talk to me again. [chorus] I wish I could help you open up to me and you need to help me be a better man for you. I’m nothing without you and I can't learn to live without. We need a way out or there’s nothing left for us in here. It’s been too long since i’ve seen your smile... everything blows away in fleeting wind. Emotions gone, I’m trying my hardest, I hope you’ll see that. I’m trying to get you to love me again. [chorus] It’s been a day since you broke my heart. Nothing feels the way it’s always felt. My head is numb, there’s nothing to live for, I’m trapped inside my car. I don’t want to lose you again. [chorus]
Reconcile 03:28
I tried to get by without you, but I found it too hard to do. And i’m scared that if we try again somehow, we’ll just end up the same way we are now. It’s my gut against my heart, and it’s going to tear me apart. I don’t know if i want you back, or if i’m happy with what we have had. I’m at a crossroads, and I know it may fall through, but I think i’ll try just one last time with you.
The Road 04:46
[Emily] I don't understand why you're doing this to me... Why do you want me back? Why did you ever want me at all? You're just so intent on living in the past, Why won't you accept that what we had is gone? [Jon] I don't understand why you're doing this to us... We could have it all back in a second if you want. You're just being so difficult and I can't quite figure out why, Why you're so intent to up and move on. [Emily] It's not that easy, you just don't get it, we're different people now. [Jon] I swear it is that easy, I feel despondent, I wish I could make you understand somehow. [Emily] You've changed, [Jon] It's like we're going in circles... [Emily] I've changed, [Jon] I just want the old you back... [Emily] We've changed, [Jon] What's so wrong with that? [Emily] But it's time, [Jon] It's like we're going in circles... [Emily] It's time, [Jon] I just want the old you back [Emily] It's time [Jon] What's so wrong with that? [Emily] for us to move on.
→ Void 01:35
My heart is an atrium under lockdown, and the key’s nowhere to be found. My body is a window to the hospital bed where my soul lies, halfway dead. I’m not alright, I feel so alone I’m trying to reach out but no one will pick up the phone. My head is locked in my hands as they lower you into the ground. My memories of you are more vivid than ever before and I'd do anything to have you back now. Cause I’m not alright, I feel so alone I’m trying to get you to let me in but nobody’s home.
I know you’re here inside my brain but I feel your neuron signals fade and there’s nothing I can do for you. There’s no recurrence, nothing safe and everyone has backed away so there’s nothing I can do for me. I felt you in the air at night and I’m haunted with the guilt inside I wish I could be there with you. I wasn’t ever there for you. I hope I can be there real soon.
In the Cold 04:07
Told myself i’d take a walk, to get some fresh air into me. I close the door behind myself, cold bites my skin with the breeze. As I walk along the streets we walked, nothing humming in the trees. As I take a look toward your old home, dead air crashes into me. I feel I need some company, to try to get some peace of mind. I try to go see my old friends, but they just look at me with tired eyes. And there’s a silence in the air, I can tell I’m not welcome here. I tell them that I’m sorry and I disappear. Cause who really wants me around? Who really cares about me? I can’t feel a thing inside myself, cause I can’t get a release. Just leave me in the cold.
→ Snow 01:32
All There 04:32
This is just a nightmare. This is just a dream. Soon I'm gonna wake up, cause nothing's as it seems. The silence is so dense, it's all I can see. Cause everyone I love has gone away from me. And it tears me to pieces, it tears me to pieces. Do I really deserve this? Do I really need this? Being kept in the dark, holding in all the pain, without anyone there to make sure I'm still sane, I'm losing trust in myself, more and more every day, I don't know how to cope with this pain. And now I'm feeling lost. Now I'm feeling scared. Cause I can't tell if I'm still all there.
Windows 07:34
It’s snowing and I look outside, I see my own face and nothing more. I feel the cold set in as I remember that day and it chills me to the core. And I wish I could be gone hurt and buried in the ground. And I can feel the regret wash over me. I can feel it all around. And I wish someone could be mine. Like you were. I feel it getting colder inside of my head, seeing memories of you and I and things I should have said. And they won’t ever leave. You won't ever leave. Not to me. To me. You'll always be with me. With me. You'll always be with me. I'll keep you locked away like a trinket, like a bad, bad dream you're trying to forget but you keep on falling asleep. Emily, come back to me. Please, Emily, come back to me. What I wouldn't do for another chance with you. Another day with you. What I wouldn't give for you. I tell myself I'll be okay but will it really ever be okay? Is it ever gonna be okay? Emily, come back to me. Please, Emily, come back to me. Come back...
Freeze 04:09
I think it's time for me to go. I don't feel alright, I don't feel alright, I feel myself running out of time.
Epilogue 01:27


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A concept album, All There centers around a couple, vocalized by Maxton Stenstrom and Pilot Chmielarczyk, beginning to see their two-year relationship crumble over the changing seasons of a year. The album is divided into four sections, corresponding to each season. As the story shifts and evolves in the foreground of a changing environment, the sound and feel of the songs take new shape as well, reflecting the different environmental and emotional climates.

All There is Infinitefreefall, Pilot Chmielarczyk, Echo Vessel, and Copys.


released July 23, 2013

Written and recorded from November 2012 to July 2013 in Miami, Austin, Los Angeles, Charleston, Columbia, Honolulu, Santa Fe, and Chicago. Mixed in Miami in July 2013.

Mastered by Nick Pitman in New York City.

Maxton Stenstrom / Infinitefreefall: vocalist for Jon, production, lyrics, storywriting
Pilot Chmielarczyk: vocalist for Emily, lyrics, storywriting
Meysell Quintana / Echo Vessel: production, lyrics, storywriting, mixing
Luke Kim / Copys / [missing textures]: production, photography lead, storywriting

Lauren VanHelden: voicemails (tracks 5 and 9)
Robert Summerhays: voicemails (tracks 5 and 9)
Avey Seals: voicemails (tracks 5 and 9)




Infinitefreefall Charleston, South Carolina

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