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"You know, you're a belonging, too." 

The story of Belonging begins with the title track, an exercise in what I refer to as "real music with fake instruments". On the surface level, "Belonging" tells the story of me drunkenly losing my prized possession, an iPod classic, at a bar in Seattle in November 2016. But perhaps inevitably, the song seemed to hint at some subconscious political undertones, unintentionally illustrating the feeling of the moment immediately before and after Donald Trump's election victory. From there, the EP explores its consequences. "Brutal Future" is an electronic-alt-rock hybrid concerning the modern amplification of social issues, and the resulting backlash from within conservative sects of America. "Jets" is a dense mid-tempo R&B-influenced pop song about global warming and those in power who have chosen to enhance it. “Apocalypse Blues” is a UK garage-influenced electronic ballad which ponders the immediate fate of this epoch of humanity. The collection concludes with "World on Fire", a plainspoken summary of its themes, presented as a labyrinthine house-inspired dance track.

2017 is a year that will be looked back upon for the rest of human history. This record was made to say we were there, a document of some of the arguments and uncomfortable truths of the moment, and the daily threats to the future and the present that stem from them. It speaks with and without metaphors, and with and without nuance.


released November 10, 2017

Maxton Stenstrom: real instruments (guitar), fake instruments (production), lyrics, vocals, mixing, mastering, cover art

Belonging was influenced by:
Aphex Twin, Beck, Baths, Bibio, Can, Dead Kennedys, Queens of the Stone Age, BADBADNOTGOOD, Nicolas Jaar, KNOWER, Holy Fuck, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Teebs, Thundercat, Flying Lotus, Four Tet, Modest Mouse, Grizzly Bear, Radiohead, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Toro y Moi, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Sun Kil Moon, Sylvan Esso, Milo, M.I.A., The Streets, Fuck Buttons, David Bowie, & Randy Newman.

Special thanks to Trevor, Avey, Phil, Brady, Sinjihn, Anna, David, Mike, Khari, and my parents across the aisle.

If you have thoughts on this record, I want to hear them – you can email anything you want to say to me at


all rights reserved



Infinitefreefall Charleston, South Carolina

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Track Name: Brutal Future
I woke up feeling like this
like I don’t exist
like I’d rather miss
my hand’s in a fist
got no time for ignorance or bliss
when you’re falling off a cliff

You start feeling like this
like you don’t exist
like you’re just a mess
your hand’s in a fist
got no time for ignorance or bliss
when we’re falling off a cliff
into the abyss

Nothing left to do except obsessively check the news
someone get me a noose
there's complex contrasts vastly dividing what I and you believe to be true
but you just wanna chalk it up to different views
well that's really nothing new

Cause, no, this will not affect you
oh yeah, you have nothing at stake
until the cops pop another one
and the protestors block off the interstate

And you start to run them over
cause they might make you late
and you feel no remorse
God bless the USA


And you should realize words are violence too
cause here come all the swatiskas at your school
and here come all the phones they're staring through
it's just harmless politics til it happens to you

It's just harmless politics when people die
I need my beliefs more than you need your life
it's just harmless politics when people die
it's just politics

Track Name: Belonging
I can't get you anything you want, not anymore; not after
your drunken ass forgot me on the bathroom floor, in Seattle
the future hasn't seemed to quite catch up to you
all the data that you use has made you to the exception to the rule

So who will you belong to?
you know the music rules you
you know you want it all at once

Who will you belong to?
who’s gonna change some things now?
who will you decide to trust?

This could be a lesson for you, learn how to let go of your past
you're hanging on too tightly, you will never grow, you outcast
this world will take everything that it can from you
and if you put up a fight, just be prepared to lose

(You know you're a belonging, too)
Track Name: Sweet Benediction
How will I get by without your sweet benediction?
Track Name: Jets
I am connected to the gardens of my youth 
in all their futures we will find our way to you 
when swollen oceans come and wash away the dunes 
or maybe earthquakes will split the ground in two, but 

They'll find a way, to fly away ... 
leaving us to clean the mess they made 
taking off in their jets to space 

In the bunker on the hillside 
is where all the lawmakers hide 
and peace out to the next life 
(yeah it's been nice, but I think this will be goodbye) 

Bootstraps won't save us now 
when seas rise and the food runs out 
they never cared anyhow 
they never really cared, cause

... (find a way out)

Summer gets hotter, winter's not colder 
Hell's freezing over, Hell's freezing over 
Hell's freezing under the new world order 
Track Name: Apocalypse Blues
Do you wanna live to see the end of the 21st century?
do you think we'll live to see the end of the 21st century?
would you wanna live to see the end of the 21st century?
do you think humanity (can make it to) the end of the 21st century?

I got apocalypse blues
(what will become of us?)
is this how it ends and we lose?

I feel the earth decomposing
all the corpses agree
corporeal forms get smoldered in the sunset
wouldn't you like to be free?
one day you will be
Track Name: World on Fire
I don't wanna set the world on fire,
I just wanna dance
I don't wanna set the world on fire,
but it looks like they got other plans

And the world at large hangs on by slender threads
stalled by soaring embers overhead
we've seen enough films to know how this one ends

Can you feel the burn?
because I can