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Grid Hymns

by Infinitefreefall

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i'm pretty sure that i'm wasting away must be mostly gone by now i'm pretty sure that i'm wasting away but i'll make it through today somehow wake up and do it again and one day it'll all end why bother trying at all? i'd rather be sleeping in
Jaded 03:51
i get a feeling on days like today to not tell anyone and just drive away up through the 1 beside the ocean into nothing wouldn’t be a bad way cause i fall asleep at the wheel sometimes waiting for another reason to pursue this life and maybe it’ll come and i’ll feel like this decision was right but for today i’m just jaded grand plans have only degraded living someone else’s dream never felt so hard for today i’m just jaded grand plans have only degraded i could give up and go home but home has never been so far and i keep telling myself i don't need anyone else
five steps away from you feels like an eternity something about you just says you won't get close to me and i start to feel claustrophobic from everyone in my sight it's like every single perfect person is in this city tonight all these beautiful people under these flashing lights i swear i'll be one of them on one of these nights stay alive til the weekend comes forget your name and fall in love i want to be just like you speed through the best years of your life die in a blaze of glory at 25 i want to be just like you maybe i'm just being too hard on myself maybe if i try to be somebody else maybe i could use some help
quiet and numb and too tired to run i feel at peace when i just make myself small all of the maybes are disintegrating i feel at peace when i don't feel anything at all "i swear i can change" i know myself too well to find any truth in these claims to keep playing these games it's useless i say "i swear i can change" but burn the skin off my bones and the blood out my veins and the lead in my brain and i'll still be the same and i'll tell you right now think i'd rather be alone i'm tired of the strife so feel free to let me go and i'll tell you right now i'd just kill to be alone everybody leaves and everybody knows and when the pressure becomes too much and when the voices get too loud i walk the width of the pacific and i try not to drown cause as compelling as that sounds i've got to sell out and go mainstream cause i've never been so sure everyone i know secretly hates me so i'll know no one at all i think it's better this way you know where to find me if you have something you need to say don't worry about me too much i'm barely alive anyway
stop this screaming and stop this car do you ever get those moments where you forget who you are? and you search for new identities to divorce from reality cause everything just seems to feel wrong how did it end up this way it all seemed so good from so far away real life is caving in but at least in my head i can play it again my past in perpetuity when real life won't give me what i need nostalgia just lets me breathe the dead are still alive inside of me and if you make it to the other side can you tell me what it feels like? i try to be a flower not a fighter but i'm burning petals off with a cigarette lighter said the mistake incubator to the psychic simulator "tell me, does my future still look brighter?" cause there's a way out i can't see from this prison of memory and i look up to the sky and my conscious sings "mon amie"
i’m underwater caught in the rip i’m going home this is my ship this air is mine as i start to begin my arms are out i’m breathing in i’ve never been one for speaking in tongues but if you’ll allow me it’ll just be this once you are the air i’m breathing out and i am an ocean breather now breathe in the water cause in my dreams i'm drowning every night and if i close my eyes i swear the shore's in sight cause in my dreams at least there i can hide cause i swear the world has never looked less bright more than ever in my life


Has the real world ever looked so bleak?


released November 15, 2016

Maxton Stenstrom: production, lyrics, vocals, art
Mike Malchicoff: mixing, mastering, engineering

Instrumentals included in download.


all rights reserved



Infinitefreefall Charleston, South Carolina

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